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At DFC we aim to create conditions for education that enhance the students’ academic and personal development by uniting high-level academic knowledge with practical education. There are several carefully curated career foundation courses available to the students seeking to prepare them for competitive exams as well as the regular syllabus thereby developing a strong foundation.

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Jumpstart your journey to your dream job by joining DFC's career foundation course and get ready for the arduous path ahead.

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Fundamentals of major educational boards

Our teaching method incorporates basic concepts from other boards’ syllabi as well so that students are prepared for various competitive exams

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Extracurricular activities for student’s overall development.
Our courses are designed in a way that participation in extracurricular activities is emphasized, thereby contributing towards enhancing the holistic development of the students.
Unique career foundation course

Throughout our career foundation
courses carefully curated for various
career streams, we seek to prepare
students both for competitive exams
and the regular syllabus, thereby laying a
strong foundation.

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Mental ability tests to promote a logical approach in students.
Mental Ability Tests are incorporated into the regular curriculum from 6th to 10th grade to encourage students to develop the ability to think logically.

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“A Winning combination of hard work, Time management skills and Support from new age technology will enable you to achieve and fulfill your ultimate goal”

– Mr. Govind Kabra

“The Foundation of everything is laid by the basics, the earlier one focuses on his basics, The easier it will be to succeed in competitive exams”

– Mrs. Shital G Kabra

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