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Transforming challenges into opportunities

Our Career foundation course focuses on building strong basics and is specifically designed to help students prepare for competitive exams as well as the regular syllabus thereby developing a strong foundation.

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Our Directors

Director of Dnyandeep Foundation Centre (DFC) Mr. Govind Kabra

“A Winning combination of hard work, Time management skills and Support from new age technology will enable you to achieve and fulfill your ultimate goal”

These days gaining entry into many professional courses and securing a job in both government and private sectors requires one to excel in competitive exams and aptitude tests. It is essential to develop a strong logical aptitude in order to make a successful career.
Achieving success in competitive exams after 12th or graduation requires more than just scoring high marks in Board Exams. We believe that the young age is a mouldable age. Therefore, we strive to provide students with the necessary tools and knowledge and build the essential habits and skills they need to succeed in exams as well as in life. Our Career Foundation Course is the perfect way to give them a head start in life!

– Mr. Govind Kabra

“The Foundation of everything is laid by the basics, the earlier one focuses on his basics, The easier it will be to succeed in competitive exams”

At DFC, we believe that student life should be a balanced combination of learning and fun. Hence we have designed our courses to ensure that students have enough time for self-study, while also having the opportunity to pursue their hobbies and enjoy a fulfilling childhood. Over the past 16 years, the remarkable results of our students are a proof of the effectiveness of our approach.
Preparing for competitive exams at the school level can help develop valuable skills such as strong observation, time management, decision-making and a logical approach towards learning. These skills are important in helping students achieve success, not just in competitive exams, but also in life.

Director of Dnyandeep Foundation Centre (DFC) Mrs. Shital Kabra

– Mrs. Shital Kabra

Our Team

Team DFC helps each student reach their full potential. We aspire to create an environment that promotes 

self-competition among students and aim to provide them with the resources they need to reach their individual goals. Our goal is to create lifelong learners who are confident, empowered and capable of achieving their dreams. 

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Our Moto

To nurture students to reach their highest potential while preserving their precious childhood and providing them with the skills to excel in today's competitive world.

We promote Self - competition.

We strongly promote Self-Competition among students by encouraging them to develop a habit of "GOING AHEAD FROM WHEREVER WE ARE" without comparing with others. Through our regular MEGA tests we help them set individual goals thereby competing with themselves (their previous performance).  

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DFC's Helpline system for doubt solving.

  • Send an SMS to our helpline number with your doubts 

  • Our team will arrange a doubt-clearing session with the relevant department teacher within 48 hours.

  • Offline interactions are also available.

Confused about choosing your ideal career ?

Begin the journey to your dream career by joining DFC's career foundation course and get ready for the difficult path ahead.

Fundamentals of major educational boards

Our teaching method includes basic concepts from syllabus of various boards to prepare students for various competitive exams.

Regular Mega tests to instill a sense of self competition.

Through our regular MEGA tests we help them set individual goals thereby competing with themselves (their previous performance).

Unique Career Foundation course

Our Career Foundation courses carefully designed for various career streams, aims to prepare students both for competitive exams and the regular syllabus, thereby laying a strong foundation.

Mental ability tests to promote a logical approach in students.

Mental Ability Tests are included into the regular curriculum from 6th to 10th grade to encourage students to develop the ability to think logically.


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