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Your career development starts here

Be ahead of the competition with our expert guidance, learn the skills you need to succeed in exams as well as in life with DFC's Foundation Course.

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Our Foundation course for classes 5th to 10th is specifically designed to enable students to learn more than just the material covered in their school curriculum. Through this course, students will gain a thorough understanding of the basics of various boards suitable for their age, giving them the skills necessary to succeed in different competitive exams at national and international level.

Strengthen your basics and lay the groundwork for success with our Foundation course for classes 5th to 10th

Struggling to figure out which career path to pursue after 10th?

Let our expertly trained and certified career counsellors guide you in the right direction 

Book a session with us today!

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Unlock Your Potential with Us

At DFC your career dreams become a reality!



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Track your progress and stay ahead of the curve with the Growth tracker on DFC app

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Test your knowledge, learn and grow with the Practice Tests on DFC app

Get ahead
with our comprehensive Study Modules carefully designed to fit the needs of each class

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Develop your logical reasoning skills with DFC's Mental Ability Test (MAT) course 

Logical Reasoning and Mental Ability Tests have become a part of all competitive and entrance exams. Hence, It is essential to develop a strong logical aptitude in order to make a successful career. 

Here's What Our Learners Say

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